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When I was first injured on the job, I didn't know where to turn. My employer and the Insurance Company tried to steer me in a direction that didn't seem fair. There was more time spent on how the injury was my fault or trying to prove that my injury was from an earlier incident.

I interviewed three attorneys that weren't interested in my case. (I don't think they saw a payday.)

One day, someone recommended John Hoadley. John was behind me from the beginning. He told me to stop worrying, that he would take over.

He talked to the insurance company and got them to stop bothering me directly. He set me up with the medical specialists that were needed to support the truth. They sent me to complete the proper testing and analysis and they ensured that I got the physical therapy that I needed to recover from my injury.

John represented me throughout the process. Two years after the settlement, the insurance company came back to bully money out of me, and John was there to support me again.

Without John's help, I would've lost thousands of dollars in benefits and wages, and possibly lost my job.

Thanks John.
David A. Tawater

John Hoadley served as my attorney for two different lawsuits. On both occasions his outstanding performance enable me to win excellent settlements.His knowledge and expertise in the law of Workers Compensation and Personal Injury is exceptional. He is the best.

Sincerely Satisfied

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